My Best Friend's Proposal!!

Before you think, “why are these first few photos so sloppy and slanted?”, let me tell you the story of this day.

Rachel has been one of my closest friends since 2015. I heard about this guy Matt she was on and off with for a few months back in 2017. Rachel and Matt finally got back together and were better than ever. In early 2018 Matt reached out to me on Facebook and told me he had a surprise, he was going to surprise Rachel and finally propose! To paint the picture, Matt lived in Canada, and he and Rachel only saw each other at this point if one of them could swing a plane ticket. With little to no money Matt made it happen, shipped the ring down to Rachel’s cousin and flew down to San Diego without anyone but me and her cousin knowing.

The weekend before the proposal I was staying with Rachel in San Diego for a few days. I remember her telling me how scared she was that Matt wouldn’t ever propose or that there was a question of commitment on his end. I couldn’t help but to laugh {in my head} and just assure her that everything was going to be alright and that it would happen. On the day of I met up with Matt, with the ring, and He and I went over the plan numerous times. Rachel’s friend, as seen in the back in the first photo, was to take Rachel out for a girl’s dinner beachside and enjoy a glass of wine. She was supposed to text us when the wine was sent and suggest to Rachel that they should go look at the sunset. At that point, Matt would turn the corner and surprise her with a proposal. However, this did not happen.

Matt and I were waiting in a lifeguard tower about a quarter mile down the beach for the text from Reigha. Casually scrolling through Instagram I saw a story of Rachel and Reigha sharing wine at the restaurant, but no text was sent to warn us. In a pure moment of panic we were like, “Sh*t!”. We ran back to my car to grab my camera and in the pure chaos Matt locked my keys in the car. We knew we had to act now so we left my keys and sprinted toward the restaurant. Trying to screw my lens into my camera while running I was able to just barely snap the instant moment Rachel and Matt made contact. We did it, by a few seconds to spare we made the proposal and regardless of its imperfection Rachel was the happiest girl in the world.

** They are now married and living in Canada with their first baby, Koda.