Nashville Plantation Wedding— SK + Charlie

April 29, 2018

Belle Meade Plantation, Nashville

Sarah-Kate and I met through mutual friends at a church we were both a part of. One of our first encounters was at Thanksgiving dinner and we had to say two nice things about the person to our left. I had literally met SK less than an hour before that but now it’s so easy to say 50 kind words about her.

Sk met Charlie in one of my dream ways, at a coffee shop. In a busy coffee shop one evening, Sarah-Kate was enjoying a cup of coffee and reading a book. Charlie came in trying to do the same but there were no seats left. He asked Sk if he could join her at her table. She told me that normally she wouldn’t do this kind of thing but thought he seemed kind and wouldn’t bother her. After a few moments of sitting in silence together, Sk recognized the author of the book he was reading and asked him about it. I guess you can see the rest of their story down below.

Sarah-Kate and Charlie met in Newport Beach but decided to celebrate their wedding in SK’s hometown, Nashville. This was my first time visiting Nashville, and let me tell y’all (see what I did there?), I was impressed! It is gorgeous! I couldn’t believe how relaxed the atmosphere was or how freaking green it is!? California was in a bad drought… You can see the rest of their story for yourself and let me tell y’all, it’s a good one.